News updates




RISC paper titled "An Intelligent Gripper Design for Autonomous Aerial Transport with Passive Magnetic Grasping and Dual-Impulsive Release", accepted at AIM 2018 to be held on July 9-12, 2018 in Auckland, New Zealand. 
Usman to receive Outstanding Graduate Assistant Award for the 2017-18 academic year from University of Maryland in the annual awards ceremony on May 08, 2018.
​Appointed GTA for autonomous control of interacting robots class with Prof. Blankenship for Spring 2018.
​Usman to intern with Mitsubihi Electric Research Labs over the Summer 2018, on autonomous indoor navigation and control of aerial robots; a project of ai-robotics.




​​Associated with ISR and ARC Lab under supervision of Prof. John S. Baras.
Appointed GTA for discrete signal analysis class with Prof. Blankenship for Fall 2017.
​Joined University of Maryland, College Park as a PhD student in ECE.
​Attended and presented RISC paper on passive aerial grasping, at IFAC world congress 2017 in Toulouse, France.
​Successfully defended MS thesis titled: " Passive magnetic latching mechanisms for robotic applications".
RISC and Team KAUST win Bronze medal in Challenge II at MBZIRC!
Off to Abu dhabi for participation in MBZIRC 2017!
Our paper titled: "Passive Aerial Grasping of Ferrous objects", is accepted in IFAC 2017 World Congress!
Usman gets an additional appointment as a GTA with Prof. Meriem for robust control (graduate) class for Spring 2017.
RISC is participating in MBZIRC! Its confirmed!

Walked in MS commencement in the class of 2016.
Attended CDC 2016 in Las Vegas, Nevada, USA.
​The MBZIRC 2nd progress report is submitted; hopes are high!
​Usman to visit CERN for a week.
Usman gets an additional appointment as a GTA with Prof. Jeff Shamma for control theory (graduate) class for Fall 2016.
Usman Joins Team KAUST for MBZIRC 2017​.
Associated with RISC Lab under supervision of Prof. Jeff S. Shamma.
Joined KAUST as a graduate student (MS/PhD) in Electrical Engineering.
Joined Coca-Cola Pvt. Ltd. as a graduate trainee engineer.
Awarded President's gold medal for being the topper in EE Dept. PIEAS.
Awarded the BS degree in Electrical Engineering from PIEAS with the highest honors.
The Senior year project "Altitude control of a quadcopter" nominated for the best project by EE Dept. PIEAS. 

Usman to present his work in Summer Student Poster Session at CERN, Geneva Switzerland.
Usman to attend the CERN Summer Student Programme at CERN, Geneva, Switzerland from Jun to Aug 2014.